Find Joy

I read an article that said happiness comes from outside circumstances and joy comes from within.

If that’s true, then shouldn’t we be focusing less on being happy with our work and more on being joyful about it?

Joy can’t be stolen away by the bad days, attitudes, people, and situations that swirl around us.

Find joy and happiness will likely follow.

Why not try?

2 thoughts on “Find Joy”

  1. I learned this the first time I worked for a psychopathic boss. I also learned to ignore his micromanaging and prioritize the work I knew would help the business. Ironically, the more I ignored him, the more he left me alone, the more I got done, the less he had to complain about and the more joy I had in my work. 😉 Positive feedback loop.

  2. Andy – Great comment. I love the description of how you worked your way out of a negative loop and into a positive one. Well done!

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