Getting enough exercise

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This post is not about physical exercise. (Though I’m still feeling the effects of a recent return to that type of exercise.)

This post is about mental exertion.

I know I’m a junkie for learning, but on most days even I don’t feel like I’ve really exercised my brain.

Sure, on any given day I’ve used my brain.  I’ve thought of problems and solutions.  I’ve pondered big topics.

Yet, have I really pushed myself or has anyone else really challenged me?  My answer most days would be no.

How do I know?  Because I felt mentally exhausted after reading through a post titled, Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions at

If I were in mental shape I would have glided through those questions like the workout video extras glide through killer ab workouts without breaking a sweat.

Try the questions.  See how you feel.  Are you in mental shape?

What would your organization be able to achieve if it challenged you mentally even half as much as those questions did?

I bet we’d all be better off if we got more mental exercise.

To that end, I’m actively looking for a guest blogger to send me a brain teaser to post each week.

I think a Wednesday brain bender would be a great way to wake us all up half way through each exciting, challenging week.  Anyone interested in the job?  You could send in one a week or send me a batch to process and stagger posting.  Either works.  I look forward to see if any of you take me up on this offer.

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