For the next month I’m devoting the blog to a series of posts tailored for team project leaders and the people who support them (e.g., my favorite consultants and executives out there).

I think you’ll get something from these posts, whether you’re leading a team at your church, in your volunteer organization, or at work.  Enjoy the series!

Let’s start with the quote of the week,

Stay on your GO side!” – Dennis Goin

Years ago I attended Dennis’ training session on the difference between being on your GO side versus your STOP side. Your GO side is the place where you can keep adding the extra effort, push through the obstacles, or rise to fight another day.  Your STOP side is the “we’ll never,” “they won’t,” “how could I,” talk that keeps you were you are.

When I heard Dennis all those years ago I didn’t imagine then how far we’d come and how much we’d learn together.  With all those years gone by, I still remember this quote from that first day and use it to keep me on my GO side, cheerfully driving change.  Thanks for everything Dennis!

Now, let’s go!

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