Godin, Argyris and Underpants Gnomes

When Seth Godin tells you to offer your assumptions…

Instead of arguing for a course of action based on the status quo or your emotional gut, describe the theory of the case.

…he’s outlining the Model II portion of the research and teachings of Chris Argyris.

If you want to improve your change driving skills, studying Arygris is worth your time.  You must practice sharing your case in a way that opens your work up to the critique and participation of others.

When Seth Godin suggests you beware of the missing steps toward success…

PS if one of the steps is, “and then a miracle happens,” you probably need to work on your case a bit.

…I think of the Underpants Gnomes from South Park and their simple three step plan to corporate success.

Now show your work and drive change!

1 thought on “Godin, Argyris and Underpants Gnomes”

  1. Guilty. This is usually one of my stumbling blocks… I have this carefully crafted logical path to success in my head and make the assumption that everyone else is on the same path. I should offer up my assumptions more often so they can be tested by others.

    I love how you tie-in the Underpants Gnomes. I’ll give you +1 for obscure, humorous, yet totally relevant references!

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