Guiding Coalition Alumni Success

People driving change accomplish a lot but often receive little personal acclaim for their work.

Tonight, the acclaim was monumental.

It was my honor to be among a group of six Guiding Coalition alumni recognized as Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal’s 40 Under Forty.  These six were recognized for much more than just their Guiding Coalition work, but notably all were members of and leaders in the Guiding Coalition movement at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility.

Congratulations to Jenna McGrath, Chelsea Grace, Lisa Foster, Maria Finch and Brett Anderson, members of the 2010 KPBJ 40 Under Forty.  You’re making a difference in your community.  You’re truly driving change!

Thanks as well to all the Guiding Coalition Support Team members in attendance at tonight’s recognition ceremony.  It’s your commitment to our work that makes all the difference!

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