I dare you to comment in 2010

As some of you have contacted me through other means and mentioned your nervousness at posting comments, I’m laying down a New Year’s challenge: I dare you to comment in 2010. Feel free to take me up on the dare at your earliest opportunity.

Update: Note that I do have a filter on so the first time you comment it sends it to moderation.  Don’t worry if you comment doesn’t show up right away.  As I’ll only be checking in at night, this first-time to moderation filter seems like a necessary step to keep us together while I’m away.

2 thoughts on “I dare you to comment in 2010”

  1. You should consider warning people that comments they post might not show up immediately because they are “awaiting moderation.” I posted a few and thought they were “lost” until I realized that this is a necessary step.

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