Innumerable Everyday Leaders

What makes a company great is not primarily its top leaders, but the quality of its innumerable everyday ones.” – John Holmes

This week’s quote is dedicated to those innumerable everyday leaders out there. You make the world turn and I, for one, am deeply grateful.

What change shall we drive this week? I’m sure there’s at least one to get after.  Why not try?

1 thought on “Innumerable Everyday Leaders”

  1. Every time I hear “5 Why’s” in response to asking to try something, I remember your single “Why not try?” It seems so often that the 5-why’s are simply used to shut down change. The intent of the 5-why’s is to analyze the cause of a problem and work towards a solution, not shut one down. Can it truly work effectively in reverse, or are people afraid so afraid of “failure” that they would prefer stagnation? So today and tomorrow, I’ll start with a change and learn what works and what doesn’t… Why not try?

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