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You’re going to have to wait a few more days for the second portion of  A Guide to Breaking All The Rules (which happened to be just a bunch of different rules to follow) .  Though I had the best of intentions, I have failed to deliver.  I let others things creep into my blogging time and now that it is gone…well, it’s gone.

I bet there are lessons in all this…something like:

  • Don’t believe every due date someone gives themselves.
  • Yet, missing a due date on something that isn’t driving another due date, isn’t that big of a deal (all you due date obsessed people out there take note…not all due dates are made the same).
  • In the end, we’ll still get what we want, it’ll just take a bit longer, and that’s okay.

While you wait for the next installment, I hope you are out enjoying with family and friends the start of summer.  You may be driving change for most of the week, but every now and then you need to slow down and coast for a few miles.  Then, after you’re rested, you’ll be all set to drive forward again.

Happy coasting my friends.  Happy coasting.

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