October Link Fuel

I’ve been storing up a tank full of great finds.  Enjoy!

  • Seth hits one out of the park again with the post, Denying Facts You Don’t Like.
  • Here’s a great Cognitive Edge old blog post on safe-to-fail probes and here’s the link to an article library that will keep any learner busy for a while.
  • H/T to Rob Gorman for finding this video about great ideas each of us would never have thought up on our own.

  • An awesome, short explanation from Richard Feynman about storing the sun’s energy in trees.  (First found on Brain Pickings, a blog well worth following.)

  • Plus, I’m going to take advantage of Rogue Polymath’s excellent seek-and-find skills and post my not-for-profit blog one per month Savage Chickens cartoon.

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