On being a non-team player

…we frequently fail to take action in an organizational setting because we fear that the actions we take may result in our separation from others, or, in the language of Mr. Porter, because we are afraid of being tabbed as “disloyal” or being ostracized as “non-team players.” – Jerry Harvey in The Abilene Paradox

It’s hard to drive change.

Part of the difficulty is in the often-constant worry about what you’ll be labeled.  Mr. Harvey’s “disloyal” and “non-team player” seem almost kind compared to the names I’ve been called.

As you drive change you will indeed put distance between yourself and others, especially others who are invested in the system as it is today.

You can either choose to stay near them or choose to drive your change.

You won’t be able to do both unless you can convince them to go with you, and I wish you luck in that task.  Often, it is faster and easier to leave them behind while you drive your change.  They’ll catch up eventually.

Anyone want to be a non-team player with me this week?  Let’s get out there and drive some powerful, necessary change.

Bonus: Enjoy this Abilene Paradox video too.

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