Opportunities Taken

If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a hundred times (yes, that’s my line this week): watch for opportunities everywhere to drive change.  If you do, amazing things will happen.

This has been an action packed week, filled with opportunity after opportunity to create powerful, positive change and my big day, Friday, hasn’t even happened yet. After tomorrow, you may very well see me in orbit because I’ll be so excited.  Watch for me.

Now, on to you…

Are you looking out for the opportunities to drive change?

When you see the opportunities are you taking them or letting them pass by?

Only you can choose to act.

Will you?

I say, “Be brave! Be powerful! Be mighty!”

Why not try?

Got any good examples where you’ve recently seized an opportunity to drive change?  Want to share? Post a comment.

It’ll do you good! I PROMISE!

1 thought on “Opportunities Taken”

  1. Ive had opportunities arise recently in my personal life and I jumped at the chance. The results are stunning and Im very proud of myself for taking the opportunity when it was presented. Its not every day you get an opportunity at something that pays off. Hence if you get a chance……DO NOT let it pass you by.

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