Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

When you’re driving change, don’t be surprised if no one notices.


Because most people have never seen someone honestly choose a change for themselves and offer the opportunity to others to choose the change too.  They’ve never seen someone driving change.

Think of it from their perspective.  They change because someone tells them to, because someone threatens them or because someone pays them to change.  Without knowing anything else, they’ll assume that’s why you change too.

At first, when you talk about your passion for your change and when you offer yourself willingly to move their obstacles, they’ll think it’s a trap.

They’ll be waiting for the beatings to come, as they always do when all those other people drive them to change.  You can tell them until you are blue in the face that you’re not like those others.  They’ll never see it in your lectures.

You have to show them, but you should know that you can’t force them to look or to see you driving change.

You just have to, day after day, live your driving change example.  You’ll be the most pure, most open, most explained change they’ve been through.  Soon, they’ll see.

Everything, including driving change, has its beauty.

Give them time to see that beauty.  Shine your example bright.  Someday they’ll see your light.

Why not try?

1 thought on “Beauty”

  1. Well said. I was echoing these sentiments on the sidelines at a recent soccer game. We were discussing what I did for a living and the natural suspicions that goes along with that [insert bad consulting joke here.] Examples of what I actually do versus what I am typically hired to do, helped to make the point.

    Being naturally blind to the intrinsic beauty that exists might serve some useful purpose. However, being blind for the sake of being blind probably doesn’t.

    Maybe there is a need to help more people expand their natural ability to see beauty? A worth while calling I think.


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