Out of the box

The best way to get people to think out of the box is not to create the box in the first place.” – Martin Cooper


carnival mimeWhat if, much like the mime, there is no box unless we imagine it to be there?

Over the years, I’ve watched so many people struggle against imaginary walls.  Their pain, their suffering, their anguish were all real, but their box was a figment of their imagination, conjured up by years of little comments and compounded slights.

Anytime you’re feeling stuck in a box, I ask you to stop your struggle and first check to be sure the box is real.

What’s a rule you think you can’t break?  Break it.  What happened?  Was the outcome what you expected or much milder?  Was there any consequence at all?



(Allow me to insert a necessary warning against being stupid and toying with any rules of physics here…never try to fool nature…it cannot be fooled!)

Whether you’re in a box or out free, try driving your change this week.  Box or not, you’re likely to find more room to move either way.  Why not try?

Photo credit: Creative Commons License sammydavisdog via Compfight

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