Part of the Solution

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.”

Often times we are part of the problem in the very systems that we wish would change.

If your boss never implements your ideas, ask yourself how many of your own ideas you’ve tried to implement.

If you’re not trying to implement your own, then why should your boss try for you?

If you never read the local paper, then why should the City Councilman come to your neighborhood and spend his time to brief you on all of the issues that were well covered in the paper you didn’t read?

Stop being part of the problem.

Try to implement your own idea before asking others to implement it for you.

Read up on the issue before you demand someone talk to you in person about it (note: they are busy people too).

Be part of the solution.  You’ll like it.

Why not try?


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  1. I like it! Years ago 3 of us used to carpool with a man who would complain about every politician around: city, county, state and national. Then one day he mentioned that he wasn’t registered to vote. We informed him that we’d no longer put up with any complaining on his part. By not being part of the solution he was being part of the problem.

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