Quote of the Week: Do the job that’s not getting done

In honor of world-wide Linchpin meet-up day (Monday June 14th), here’s a favorite (of many) Seth Godin quotes from Linchpin:

“Not My Job”

Three words can kill an entire organization.

As the world moves faster and engagement become more fluid, the category of “not my job” keeps getting bigger and bigger…

…The bathroom at New York’s Museum of Natural History has insufficient wastepaper bins, so the one that’s there is always overflowing.  It’s the janitor’s job to empty the can as often as he can, but who has the job of installing a second can?

In a factory, doing a job that’s not yours is dangerous.  Now, if you’re a linchpin, doing a job that’s not getting done is essential. [emphasis mine.]”

Don’t forget to join me at Cloverleaf Tavern and Pizza at 5:30 on Monday for world-wide Linchpin meet-up day.  Not near Bremerton, Washington?  Find a meet-up close to you at Meetup.com.

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