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  1. Thanks for the refresher course this morning April. I find myself identifying the problem, coming up with a solution and then that’s as far as it goes.

    I seen myself in the situation of making a suggestion. The only difference is I am volunteering to create my suggestion and my offer was rejected. The teacher said “Thanks. I can do it.”

    I shared with a friend. She offered to create her solution to a problem. The person she shared her concerns with said “That’s a great idea. I’ll write it up and will let you read it over before we go to print.” Well a year later nothing has been done.

    I have the same concerns today that she had over a year ago. Just think of the impact that change could have made on me today had of it not been left sitting on the back burner.

    So, I have arrived at the solution to this is to just go ahead and produce our idea. That’s based on past experiences of others.

    Remember, this is strictly volunteer. Done on our time our dime. Comments anyone?

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