Someday someone is going to ask you what you accomplished in 2011.

If they ask you later this year, you may remember without the need of a list, or files, or paperwork piles.

But, what if they ask you in 2014?  Will you still remember then?

Using whatever method works best for you (e.g., a list, files or paperwork piles), I suggest you, at a minimum, keep a history of:

  • your goals,
  • your wins,
  • your team members,
  • your obstacles,
  • your processes,
  • your lessons learned and
  • your abandoned paths (e.g., those things you just couldn’t get done).

Create the history today and you’ll thank yourself when the time to remember comes.

1 thought on “Remember”

  1. Skyler will be graduating from preschool this spring. Last weekend I sat down and wrote what I learned from preschool. That helped me to update my resume.

    Then, this morning I was up writing about the storm that hit and what I learned from that. Ways to conserve on our energy; entertain preschoolers since the schools are closed.

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