Running on empty

Some days you might struggle to find a new idea to spark your creativity, you might drag yourself through a team meeting, you might feel like you are running on empty.

Don’t worry.  We all have days — or even weeks — like that.

The challenge isn’t to avoid those days.  The challenge is in how you refill your tank and start your change moving again.

To get yourself moving again, try these simple steps.

Step 1: Do something, no matter how small (e.g., one e-mail sent, one piece of paper reviewed, one trip to the coffee machine).

Step 2: Smile and congratulate yourself. It may seem silly, but it’ll work faster than you think.

Step 3: Say out loud, “Win!”  Depending on how empty you feel, say win as many times as necessary to get yourself feeling like your needle is moving off of empty.

Step 4:  Do something else, again, no matter how small.

Step 5: Repeat steps 1 through 4 as many times as necessary until you can feel a sense of motion.

Too often we get to empty and keep ourselves there because we demand that the first action we take immediately resets us to full and launches us forward at blazing speed.

Life doesn’t restart from stop like a bullet ride at an amusement park.  Instead, it more often starts like an old train building up steam until the wheels finally start turning.

So do whatever it takes to get yourself moving again, no matter how slowly you start.

Why not start now?

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