Back in 1982, during his last testimony before Congress as an active-duty naval officer, Admiral H. G. Rickover claimed he coined a term, “Say-Do.”  He meant the term to refer to those people who say they are going to do things, receive praise from the people who hear them say they will do things, yet never actually do things.  Admiral Rickover claimed he continued to look vainly for those people who actually do what they say.

Those comments lead me to believe that Admiral Rickover would approve of those of us who are driving change (choosing a change for themselves and clearing the way for others to choose the change too).

There is no passivity and no posturing in driving change.

You are either acting to bring your change into the world or you aren’t driving change.

Thank you to all my friends out there driving change.

You balance the world full of “Say-Do” experts and give me hope every day.

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