Seeing difficulties

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill

There are two distinct types of difficulties: ones you create and ones you observe.

It is essential, if you are managing change or change agents to be able to see the difference.

When someone points out a difficulty, listen for whether they are observing it or creating it.

If they are noticing a difficulty, treasure your optimist and pull from them some solutions simply by asking, “How would you solve it?”  Then listen to them.  Chances are they are going to provide you with a perspective on the problem and solutions that you never would have seen on your own.  Then, help them implement their idea.  It’ll be amazing what you accomplish.

If they are creating a difficulty, put out the fire of your pessimist with, “What would you do if that obstacle wasn’t there?”  You must keep putting the action back on them, just as they are trying to push it onto other people.  They’ll never improve if they are allowed to throw their responsibilities onto other people’s shoulders.

Why not try?  It’s just one more difficulty to overcome.  You can do it.  Let’s drive some change.

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  1. Ever read the Oz Principle? I highly recommend this book. It gives great tips for creating a culture that can do vice can complain. It also points out some subtle ways we demonstrate we are NOT taking responsibility.

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