Seeing the difference

Many organizations stop their changes too early.

Someone writes an instruction and the boss signs the instruction then the task is done and everyone goes back to life as usual.  Did that instruction create change?  Could you see a difference in the organization’s behavior because of the new instruction just by it being signed? Probably not.

When you’re driving change, your effort doesn’t stop with creating the idea.  It ends when you can see the difference the change has made in, with and for your organization.

As you walk around your organization, are people using new words, behaving differently in a meeting, creating new things or generating bigger and better outcomes (if that’s what you’re after) because of your change?  If you can’t find the physical evidence or see the difference then you aren’t done with your change.

Don’t stop too early.  Claim the win of signing the instruction, then lower your shoulder to the hard work of creating a different organization because of it, one person or one group at a time.

You’ll be successful as long as you keep driving change.

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