Shut down

Back in March, after spending a week confined with my son to his hospital room, I wrote in my journal/blog idea notebook,

I’ve now learned that prolonged stress, confined conditions and sleep deprivation shut down my interest in transmitting knowledge.  I only have the energy to receive information.  I cannot will myself to create anything.”

Today marks Day 5 of my son’s second, extended hospital confinement of 2010.  My mind is mush. I know my limit.I’ve hit it. Hence, I’ve got nothing new for you tonight.

Look for the holiday weekend Quote of the Week on Monday night or Tuesday morning.  I hope I’ll be back up from my shut down by then.

1 thought on “Shut down”

  1. First priority is always family. We readers can (and will) wait until things are more back to normal. Until then, take care of your family and yourself.

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