Ignite the moment...It’s energizing to find, after a long week of mindlessness, a friend interested in having a rigorous conversation about an important topic.  I am always grateful for those little intellectual shots in the arm that a great friend with a good idea can provide.  They (both the ideas and the friends) are small, bright sparks in otherwise dark, dull weeks.  It only takes one of those small wins–just a short, worthwhile conversation–to make a week wonderful.

Thank you dear friends for having these short, worthwhile conversations with me.  You keep me going, spark after spark.

What do you think?  Are you energized after a quick conversation about an idea with a friend? If not, what does energize you and help you soldier on during a long week of relative mindlessness?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

H/T to Joe for giving me tonight’s spark, which got me energized enough to catch up on a few blog posts.


photo credit: Stuart Williams via Compfight

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