Try being indispensable

I’m not trying to make this a Seth Godin tribute blog; really I’m not.  But then Rogue Polymath tweeted about Amber Naslund’s Indispensable vs Irreplaceable post. She mixes two of my favorites–new terms and Godin’s Linchpin–so I can’t resist sharing her post with you. Amber writes: Being indispensable is about delivering massive impact no matter

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No limits

Today at Seth Godin’s blog, under the title “Accepting Limits”: It’s absurd to look at a three year old toddler and say, “this kid can’t read or do math or even string together a coherent paragraph. He’s a dolt and he’s never going to amount to anything.” No, we don’t say that because we know

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Are you a Linchpin?

Seth Godin launched his new book Linchpin this week.  I think I’ll be buying it this weekend.  Wondering why I’m in such a rush?  Check out these excerpts from the Amazon.com write up. There used to be two teams in every workplace: management and labor. Now there’s a third team, the linchpins. These people invent,

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Change among the bureaucrats

Seth Godin shares the: Evolution of every medium Technicians who invented it, run it Technicians with taste, leverage it Artists take over from the technicians MBAs take over from the artists Bureaucrats drive the medium to banality While I agree this evolution is typical, it isn’t the end. I’ve seen an evolution go the other

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