Change among the bureaucrats

Seth Godin shares the:

Evolution of every medium

  1. Technicians who invented it, run it
  2. Technicians with taste, leverage it
  3. Artists take over from the technicians
  4. MBAs take over from the artists
  5. Bureaucrats drive the medium to banality

While I agree this evolution is typical, it isn’t the end.

I’ve seen an evolution go the other way.  Here’s my list:

Re-invention of a medium

  1. Passionate people drive change among the bureaucrats.
  2. Leaders see the change and embrace it.
  3. The artists among the organization begin to thrive, casting light on those around them.
  4. Change spreads to the technical people, as the technology supporting the change arrives.
  5. People forget the place used to be so bureaucratic.

I write that list from my experience driving change amidst a huge bureaucracy.  All are not transformed, but many are nearing the turn of step 2 and some are already, joyfully to step 5.  Remember: not everyone goes at the same pace.

If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t believe it.  But if it can happen once, it can happen again.  Re-invention is possible.

And, I’m an engineer.  I should know.

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