In need of more Velcro

Reading for me is like applying large strips of Velcro to my brain.  With each new thing I read, whether a business book, novel or local newspaper, I now have new information that other information can stick to.  This new information always seems to help me find the patterns I need to drive the changes

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Follow your passion

When you’re leading a team, find your passion within the team’s project or goals and make the team’s work essential to you in some way. Maybe the team’s goal (e.g., expanding housing for the homeless) is your motivation. Maybe you’re indifferent to the goal (e.g., reducing the number of file cabinets in the department storeroom),

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Keep up the great work

Seth Godin wrote today of Low Esteem and the Factory, of how many companies are still looking for employees they can categorize, command and dominate.  He writes: If you want to raise your game and build an organization filled with people who will change everything, the first thing to look for is someone who hasn’t

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Link Fuel

Regularly I recharge my change driving batteries by sampling the delightful links my friends send me. As I prepared for the long holiday weekend–Happy 4th of July by the way!–I thought, “Why not offer up some link fuel for my Engine for Change friends?”  Enjoy! Charles Green reveals the silly secrets of strategy in You

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