Back in 1982, during his last testimony before Congress as an active-duty naval officer, Admiral H. G. Rickover claimed he coined a term, “Say-Do.”  He meant the term to refer to those people who say they are going to do things, receive praise from the people who hear them say they will do things, yet …

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Seeking productive people

Administrators derive status from their organization and tend to identify themselves with it so that criticism of the organization is felt by them to be criticism of the administrator himself.  Productive people owe whatever distinction they may have to their own competence and are usually more open-minded about improving their performance.” – H. G. Rickover, …

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Track Your Work

Nothing so sharpens the thought process as writing down one’s arguments.” – Admiral H.G. Rickover At work we use a lot of Plans of Action and Milestones or POA&Ms to track our work. If you’ve never seen one before, a POA&M is a typically an Excel spreadsheet listing actions, who will do the action, when …

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I Still Shout

On the days when I wanted to give up I think of a parable Admiral Rickover used to tell. The parable goes something like this, An ancient philosopher came to a city to save its people from their sins.  The inhabitants of the city, who at first listened to the philosopher, gradually turned away.  One …

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Quote of the week

All new ideas begin in a non-conforming mind that questions some tenet of the “conventional wisdom.” All improvements originate in a critical mind that mistrusts the “image” projected by some powerful organism.  The innovator of ideas and social critic are essential to a free society; they are what makes the society free.” – Admiral H. …

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