This Week’s Reading List

I’ve been at this blog for so long that even I’m forgetting what learning I’ve captured here.  It takes conversations during the day to jog a memory into my head, then a night of diligent searching to find what I was looking for.  Since I hate to take any journey on my own, I offer up to you the memories I’ve recovered that they may be of benefit to you where you’re at this week.

To start us off, there’s the post “No One Can Discuss It” to encourage you to discuss the undiscussable and teach you how to do it.

Try Win-Win to give you a simple story about diffusing conflict just by asking a question or two.

Have you ever seen a Wordle?  Check out the post Sensing the Pattern for an introduction.  I think I’m going to journal for a week and load the journal entries into Wordle to see what ideas my thoughts are dwelling on.  I bet an interesting pattern emerges.  I could do it with a time diary too and see how often certain activities or people show up.  Maybe that’s a great way to check work-life-balance.  Where and with whom do I spend my time or mental attention?

Finally, a repost of a favorite video of mine from Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times.  Could you keep up?




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