TOCICO – Day 2 – More videos

Now we’re discussing the Engines of Disharmony and working through our own example of offering a change without considering all perspectives.

The Engines of Disharmony are:

  1. What’s my contribution?
  2. What’s my peer’s contribution?
  3. Conflicts.
  4. Inertia.
  5. Gaps between responsibility and authority.

We’re targeting the area of inertia, going after the propensity of people to stay with a By The Book life when from our perspective a change would be so much better for them.

This short video from You Tube was used to introduce us to the exercise.

5 thoughts on “TOCICO – Day 2 – More videos”

  1. Nice little video… I just hope we don’t go around asking eachother, in metaphoric lingo language, about mermaids and alligators 🙂

    Keep feeding us updates!!!

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