TOCICO Day 3 Wrap Up

It’s not if something can be done, but how.”

With that quote Kristen Cox of Utah’s Department of Workforce Services launched into her presentation, “More Efficient Government: Implementing TOC in Utah’s Department of Workforce Services.”  She shared with us the amazing results her organization has gained in just the past year.  The organization decreased the days to approve someone for benefits, shrunk their call wait times and lowered their cost per case all while their case load tripled and their payroll dropped by more than 80 employees through planned attrition. Oh, and they’ve returned $6 million to Utah’s state government in only six months.  She encouraged all in the audience to “walk through their confusion” to get where they want to go.  The presentation was very impressive.  When the videos from this conference are posted at in the next few weeks, I encourage you to watch this presentation.

Going back to an earlier presentation, Andrew Kay’s  “Structured Practical Techniques for Implementing TOC” was wonderful and I’m already excited to show to all my friends at work the whole presentation (or at minimum the story about the company that lost >$100,000 in profit because they refused to buy a $230 grinder for three days).

Before dinner I was happy to present, for the second time in two days, my motivation mapping concept to a few more willing friends.  Thanks to Tim and Kendra for their committed attention.

The night ended with a celebration of life for Eli Goldratt.  For three hours I sat enthralled by all the stories his friends and colleagues told of the first time they met him, their favorite memories of him, and the impacts he had on their lives.  I’m sorry I never got to have my own Eli story, but he lives on through them and through all of us interested in TOC.

Tomorrow’s my big day, albeit late in the afternoon.  I’m ready (I think).  This should be a lot of fun.

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  1. April — Thanks for the excellent conference reporting. Given all the long hours of networking and learning from one another, it’s amazing to me that you’ve probably stolen some of your own sleep time to consolidate your notes and write your blog. Got your message about Oded’s presentation. I will view the conference slides soon. It will be good to hear Nancy/Steve/Pat…etc’s take on the conference when y’all head back west.

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