Turn Frustration into Action

Tonight I watched the U.S. presidential debate. I also watched and read some of the posts on Twitter and Facebook.

I’m convince now more than ever that we need to move beyond the habit of storing our hopes and dreams for our future in our presidential candidates.

We need to stop fighting each other, yelling at each other, and demonizing each other. We need to start saying what we believe in and what we are doing to bring that new future into reality.

We need to decide to create the changes we want to see in our communities, states, and nations rather than waiting for someone, somewhere, to do something.

We are a multitude of someones.

We are somewhere, our somewhere: the place that most matter to each of us.

We can do something.


We must become the change agents we can be. We must drive change, not people. We must live our changes and clear the way for others to join us.

We have been suffocated by people telling us they will solve our problems.  We are crushed with the promises that they will finally do something for us.  We can do better.

Are you ready to start creating the change you want to see in the world? Yes?

Do you know where to start and how to keep yourself going? No?

Everyone is a Change AgentI’m overjoyed that Everyone is a Change Agent has been published now, just weeks before the election.

Now we are at our most frustrated with the system as it has been, or as we’ve thought it might be.  Let’s turn that frustration into action.

Stop waiting for them to fix it, improve it, or change it.  You can do it! I believe in you.

Buy Everyone is a Change Agent. Read it. Live it.  You will change the world!

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