Two Minds of High Order

For those of you who love a great conversation with a good friend with a keen mind, here’s an excerpt from William James’ The Principles of Psychology (1904):

When two minds of a high order, interested in kindred subjects, come together, their conversation is chiefly remarkable for the summariness of its allusions and the rapidity of its transitions.  Before one of them is half through a sentence, the other knows his meaning and replies.  Such genial play with such massive materials, such an easy flashing of light over far perspectives, such careless indifference to the dust and apparatus that ordinarily surround a subject and seem to pertain to it essence, make these conversations seem true feasts for gods to a listener who is educated enough to follow them at all…

One of life’s greatest joys is a great conversation with a good friend.  I’m grateful to God every time I get the opportunity to slow down the pace of life and speed up the conversation.  If your week is bogging you down, seek out that other mind of high order that you can float and fly through a conversation with because the energy of the conversation will wake your head and your heart and warm your soul.

Happy Labor Day my friends!  Drive some fantastic change!


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