Want to go fast? Switch vehicles.

Imagine your old, driving-people-to-change behaviors as an old, familiar car.

It doesn’t run much anymore, but you insist on taking it everywhere you want to go.

You don’t go fast. Honestly, most of the time you don’t go at all.

It takes more effort than it should.

And, you’d likely admit that you often give up on your destination long before you reach it.

You’re always physically and emotionally spent from all the pushing the vehicle along every time it breaks down.

Picture yourself today, once more, stalled en route to your destination.  You’re pushing the driving-people-to-change vehicle down the road.  It seems, especially today, that the harder you push, the slower you go. You can feel the energy draining from you one more time.

You know you’ll have to give up soon.

Now, imagine me pulling up next to you in a new car emblazened with “DRIVING CHANGE!!!” and flames (for fun) along the side.

I’m not here to offer you a ride.  I’m here to offer you a deal.

Abandon your driving-people-to-change rig and I’ll give you this cool “DRIVING CHANGE!!!!” vehicle, no strings attached.

Would you take the deal?

DRIVING CHANGE!!! will get you where you need to go fast; it’ll go faster than you like at first.  After all, you’re accustomed to walking pace.  Any pace feels fast after that.

DRIVING CHANGE!!! requires little energy from you after the initial push to start.  Once you get it rolling, if you don’t drive-people-to-change, it’ll seem like the tank refills itself.  At first you’ll feel like it’s running on magic and you’ll start to think something is wrong.  Nothing’s wrong. You’ll get used to it and you’ll begin to love actually reaching your destinations with some energy left in reserve.

But, DRIVING CHANGE!!!! is new.

It is scary fast.

It is, at first, unfamiliar.

But it is effective too.

Only you can choose whether you’ll stick with driving-people-to-change or switch to DRIVING CHANGE!!!

But, if you want to go fast…switch vehicles.

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