Where do you get your energy?

Where do you get your energy to drive change?

Did you find an issue you were passionate about and did the energy just well up inside you?

Did a friend talk to you about an issue they were passionate about and that conversation spark your fire?

Did your boss tell you a story about a great opportunity or looming threat and tap into a gusher of new dedication?

The important thing is not where you got your energy.  What you do with your energy is what matters.

Are you going to use it to push your agenda and drive people to finally behave the way you want them to?

Or are you going to share your energy, drive your change, and watch the flame travel to others that choose your change too?

Yes, you may have to act first.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have a friend or a boss blazing the way.  What matters isn’t that you go first, but rather that you go at all.

Find your energy.  Use it.  Drive your change today.  Why not try?

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