You are the engine for change.

Don’t look to your co-workers, your fellow volunteers, your boss or anyone else.

You must choose the change for yourself first.

Are willing to do that?

If you are willing to choose the change for yourself and become the engine for change, then the first thing you must learn is how to work this engine you’ve started.  Learning how is a very personal experience.  You must know your strengths and your weaknesses, what energizes you and what drains you, what fills you with joy and what drives you up the wall.

Then you must learn how to help others discover those same things in themselves and you must understand how you can provide opportunities for them to feel those joyful, energizing feelings.

This week I got an e-mail that said something like, “Thank you for re-energizing me.”  She’d actually re-energized herself.  I just knew how to give her the opportunity to feel that energy again.

Start with yourself, then practice with others.  How do you start?  Some of those details are found at this blog; most aren’t. You may have to break a path all your own.

This is your journey.

You’re the engine.

It’s all…YOU!

[Sorry to those of you who came looking Thursday night/Friday morning for a post.  I took a much needed rest Thursday night.  All is well now.]

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