Time stomping across the world

The other night I heard time stomping across the world…For once, I had a sense of movement as if time were really passing before me. This night the future came to me without any desire on my part…When certain things happen that we think ourselves powerless to resist, we sometimes jump in and help them along, just to be on the winning side.  But I was lying in bed, having no particular wish to compromise on the matter, and sensing that what was happening was the future coming to me without any seeking on my part.

How often is it like that! The future coming without desire.  We look at it blinded or dismayed. “That’s not our future,” we say to ourselves. “We didn’t order it.  It must be someone else’s delivered to us by mistake.” We’d like to call up Destiny, Incorporated, and say: “Take it back, please.”

The future is made up of events, things that someone creates and puts into our existence.  But whenever something is created, be it even a simple invention, the results radiate outward indefinitely…” Robert P. Crawford, The Techniques of Creative Thinking (1954)

Noche de luna llena - Full moon nightThis post continues the theme from the last: Someone (maybe you!) builds the future.

Though clock time will continue to pass, there is no requirement that its passing leaves us better for it. We can put ourselves in league with the future or we can resist it.  Each choice is ours and ours alone.  Others will try to compel our bodies to accept a future we don’t desire, but they can never compel our minds.

As the week dawns and the future bears down upon us, once again I ask you, “What choice will you make?”

photo credit: Creative Commons License Luz Adriana Villa via Compfight

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