Get On With It


If it is the first time you’re doing something in your organization, there won’t be a neat little plan for how to do it.

You’ll actually have to think your own way through it while the leaders think their way through too.

Just because they don’t have everything all figured out doesn’t mean they are bad leaders; it means they are human.

Engage your brain. Use your time to craft your plan (and act on it). Don’t waste your time micromanaging their plan from the sidelines.

Help achieve the objective in the best way you know how (oh, and prepare for changes of course along the way–that’s just the way it is.)

I’m going to get on with making a big change.  Feel free to join me.

Or, don’t.  It’s still your choice.  Make it.

Let’s get on with it already.

photo credit: vgm8383 via Compfight

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