A Platform for Bravery

Over on Seth Godin’s blog I found a great post about organized bravery.

He advocates for people to create platforms for bravery where people can try and fail, learn, risk, and escape the narrow confines of a “not my job” world.

What does a platform for bravery look like?

I’ve seen them come in many forms including great teams, dedicated work groups and passionate volunteer organizations.

The best form I know of is the committed friendship.  Bosses come and go and coworkers ebb and flow, but friends sustain us.

Be your friend’s platform for bravery and let them be yours.

Challenge them to “try it and see what happens.”

Accept their dare that you do something important today to make your change happen.

Remind them that “not my job” is a cuss phrase in your friendship and you don’t tolerate friends who cuss.

I’m here for you today my friends.

Stand on our friendship.

Use it as your platform for bravery.

When we’re brave together we’ll drive some amazing change.

Why not try?

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