Link Fuel

The below list of links are some of what I’ve been reading and pondering lately.

What ideas have you been letting into your head to rattle around?

Anything good going to come of the rattling?

New Paradigms by Stephen Dale

Changing the Status Quo by H. William Dettmer

Systems Thinking and the Cynefin Framework by H. William Dettmer

Can Your Organization Handle Losing a Leader by John Kotter

Agility Results: Naval Shipyard from the Kotter International Newsletter

Why There’s No Right Way To Do MBO (Management By Objective) by Kelly Allan

The Struggle for the American Curriculum posted by drburwell

Coming Full Circle with Boyd’s OODA Loop Ideas: An Analysis of Innovation Diffusion and Innovation by Captain William Angerman

Touching the Art: A New Approach to Art Appreciation by Luc Travers

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