A win when you need it

An interesting by-product of developing a culture where people notice and celebrate wins is that people will share wins with you just at the times you most need them.

Today, I was having a rough afternoon.  My energy was down.  My mind was frustrated.  I was in a small pit of despair.

Just then, a coworker came by to share with me the most wonderful wins.  She felt compelled to right then tell me all sorts of good news.  Her visit recharged my spirit at the exact moment I needed to be recharged.

If you don’t have a driving change culture, the chances for a random visit from a coworker choked full of wins are so low you’d have better luck playing the lottery.

I know I’m truly blessed.

Thanks to all of those driving change with me.

We are supporting each other along the way and we are making a big difference.

Keep driving change!

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