RIP Eli Goldratt

If you are like nearly everyone else in this world, you have accepted so many things without question that you’re not thinking at all.” – Eli Goldratt

My life changed in 2004 when I attended a presentation at work about Theory of Constraints (TOC).  I became so engaged with the concept from the start that I bought Eli Goldratt’s book, The Goal, that night.  I read the book the next day, Saturday, and on Monday I begged my boss to let me implement Theory of Constraints in our organization.

That one presentation changed the course of my life because Eli Goldratt’s ideas required my active participation in my organization in a way I had never known.  I had taken so much for granted and he pealed back those flawed assumptions and lay reality to bear in front of me.

This week I’m attending the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO) conference in New York.  I had hoped to finally meet Eli Goldratt.  A few weeks ago I learned he was ill and would not attend.  Early yesterday I heard of his passing.

His work changed my life.  I will never be able to tell him in person I am grateful for his work, but I can share his work with others and that may be a better compliment.

RIP Eli Goldratt.  You’ll be missed, but not forgotten.

If you’ve got a story about how TOC has touched your life, please share in the comments section.

Programming Note: This week, tune into Engine for Change for highlights from the full-day sessions of TOC learning and the great side conversations too.  Thursday I’m on the conference schedule as a presenter, so look for highlights from the presentation that night.

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