Try to get some sleep

It’s okay to rest now.  Try to get some sleep.” – My mother

I can remember my mother uttering these words to me several times growing up.  They were usually spoken when I was upset about something, exhausted, but wouldn’t give in.  They were said calmly and the love behind them was clear.

I share these words with you today because I want you to think about situations in your week where you can offer their same sentiment of comfort to a person in need of rest.

Maybe one of your coworkers has been toiling on a project for a month and can’t seem to break it free to finish.  Can you offer him rest by doing a task that you know he dislikes so his load this week is lighter?

Maybe you’re working on a team and the leader is constantly putting in the extra time to make the team successful.  How could you lighter her burden this week so she can rest?

There are lots of ways, if you think about it, that you could take moments of your time and create huge chunks of time for those around you who are carrying very heavy burdens or who are never letting themselves slow down.

Help someone else rest this week and I bet you’ll both be better for it.

Why not try?

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