There’s No Competitive Advantage in Copying

Best-in-class sounds like a position to aspire to. It isn’t. To more accurately describe best-in-class, we could call it either forever-chasing-the-leaders or struggling-to-do-the-same-thing-the-other-laggards-are-struggling-to-do.  When you’re the one defining best-in-class, then you’ll have competitive advantage. There’s no competitive advantage in copying. Take a lesson from the leaders: if you want to be the best, be yourself.  Let the […]

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Leadership Shortage?

There isn’t a leadership shortage.  There is a belief shortage. You are a leader. You can lead.  Believe it. You can start the path that leads to better, faster, safer, and happier. Overcoming the crisis of belief requires you to stop putting your faith in others in your organization and start the change with yourself

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Are you a professional?

For Lukasz, Niels, Clifford, and Ray, and more, I offer this quote from “The Rickover Effect,” Traditionally, the professional man follows certain tacit or explicit rules of conduct which vary in detail vary in detail as between different professions. Basic to all of them, however, are two rules: first, the obligation to reject lay direction

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Never enough time

There’s never enough time. Get over it and decide what you will do with the limited time you have. Choose what change you want to make in the world, then make it.  If it’s important enough to you, you’ll find the time. Why not try?    

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Too Many Priorities

I love it when someone says, “I have too many priorities.” Why?  Because they’ve revealed themselves to be a person who struggles with decisions. Webster’s gives three definitions for “priority.” All three involve the person deciding how to separate tasks into an ordered list that then instructs the person where to apply their time, i.e.,

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Get On With It

If it is the first time you’re doing something in your organization, there won’t be a neat little plan for how to do it. You’ll actually have to think your own way through it while the leaders think their way through too. Just because they don’t have everything all figured out doesn’t mean they are

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No time

It seems lately that I’ve had no time for blogging and yet all the time in the world for other things. I don’t know about you, but I’m almost always harder on myself for what I haven’t done than anyone else is on me for what they think I haven’t done. I think about what

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