No time

It seems lately that I’ve had no time for blogging and yet all the time in the world for other things.

I don’t know about you, but I’m almost always harder on myself for what I haven’t done than anyone else is on me for what they think I haven’t done.

I think about what I could do, could be, could say, could write and the possibilities stretch out before me. Yet, I can only take on a few (if any) at any one time.

It is true that there is no time do all of those “could do” things. Yet, there is time enough to do something.

And, by doing something, you and I might just change the world.

Why not try?

1 thought on “No time”

  1. Good timing. I’m complaining of being overwhelmed today with all there is to do. Dirty laundry, dishes, floors, beds to make, bathrooms to scrub. I started with the beds.

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