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On video

Check out this link at Vimeo to see a video of the first five minutes of my presentation at the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO) conference in New York in June. I hope the five minute tease will be enough to motivate you to buy the DVD with the full one hour presentation […]

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Assume Best Intentions

I had the best intentions to write a post about the value of assuming the best intentions in others, but… …I ran out of time today, so I found you an excellent post on the topic already written at Why Lead Now by Adam Morris. Check out their other posts too.   I bet you’ll like

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Catching up with Seth

Often enough on this blog I’ve used Seth Godin blog posts as starting fodder for a longer post.  Today I finally got a chance to catch up on Seth’s latest posts.  Here are my favorites with a few lines to go with them. Talker’s Block: A few weeks ago I encouraged a class of folks

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Refresher 3

Here are a few things you could do this week to hone your driving change skills: Be fiercely urgent Collect your friends Create a transformational vision Tell your story Remove their obstacles Claim a win Build on the success Permanently change the culture

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Link Fuel

Daniel Pink has some resolutions for us for 2011, including a new term I love: Vuja de. We’ve all experienced déjà vu—looking at an unfamiliar situation and feeling like you’ve seen it before. Vuja dé is the flip side of that—looking at a familiar situation (an industry you’ve worked in for decades, problems you’ve worked

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Snow Days Link Fuel

Take it or leave it, this little bit of all-for-fun link fuel: Leading in dancing Motivation, nothing new (plus, look for the Kurt Lewin equations (!) in the left panel.  Now that I’m looking I’m seeing Lewin everywhere.) Have I ever mentioned how much I love Edward Tufte.  This quote alone makes him awesome, “…the

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