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Looking to start up a large Guiding Coalition, a small team or something in between? Wondering what to do first? Why not study these posts from the 2010 and 2011 Leaders Series  and 2013 Quick Tips here at Engine For Change? Follow Your Passion — Be Your Sun — Behave Yourself — Set the Example

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Link Fuel

As I ease back in to blogging let’s all get our engines going with some link fuel. Here are the videos that my friends and followers are sending my way.  Enjoy the thoughts they provoke. CAPT David Marquet’s “Greatness” [Thanks to so many of you there are too many to name!] Introducing ODIM: Outcomes, Decisions,

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Fuel Up

Today I offer you some link fuel that is energizing me.  I hope it energizes you too to drive the changes you want. Liviu’s Global Perspective From the Inner Mind is a great blog with big ideas synthesized neatly.  Whenever I can, I love catching up. I’ve got a huge intellectual crush on Chris Argyris,

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Recapping Argyris

Yesterday I got into a great conversation about the work of Chris Argyris.  Today I thought I’d post the links to all my previous posts on his work.  Yes, this is the cheating way to blog.  Or, I could call it blog recycling and feel like I’m saving the planet. Either way, enjoy.  Argyris is

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Link Fuel

The theme for today’s link fuel is building a tribe and being worthy of their loyalty. Stories about letting a few people get to love you up close and how “getting to pay for music” wins over “having to pay for music”. (H/T @skholt) Are you worthy of being a List 2 person? How to

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