Celebrating an exciting, better future

I read a story today that touched me.  It read:

After World War II, a group of humanitarians placed orphan boys in tent cities to care for them.  Though they were well cared for, the boys would wake up at night with nightmares.  A psychiatrist surmised that their fear was because they had such an uncertain future.

He decided to feed the boys a big meal each night then give them each a piece of bread.  He instructed them to hold the bread in their hands so it could be their breakfast.  Somehow just holding in their hands a piece of bread helped them sleep all night.

In our large organizations, the bread in our hands is our belief in an exciting, better future.  We create and offer that bread to others through our willingness to step forward and lead transformations that we and others can choose for ourselves.  The Gallup organization found that if employees say they have hope in the future then 70% were engaged with their work.  In contrast, only 1% were engaged with their work if they didn’t have hope.

In our Guiding Coalition, we transform our organization.  We get to make it better together.  From that purpose, our efforts spring forth success after success. We spread hope in a better future.

On Friday, two teams will share how they are spreading into our organization in small and significant ways their version of hope in the future.  I can hardly wait to announce the team leaders and welcome them to share their stories.

Years ago, other teams gave the same type of presentation.  You can watch their passion for transforming the organization spill forth in videos at this link.  You can start with this one.

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