The words are spreading

This week I got an e-mail survey at work.  The body of the e-mail read, in part:

Consistent findings from the Office of Personnel Management’s Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) show that Federal employees are dedicated and committed to their work. As a dedicated Federal employee, your feedback about the workplace is essential in addressing areas of challenge and celebrating areas of strength in your agency.
This is your opportunity to drive change [emphasis mine]. The FEVS offers you the chance to express your thoughts and opinions regarding your job, agency, and the workforce as a whole.”

More than a few of you loyal readers who are also government employees forwarded along the e-mail to show me that the words “driving change” are spreading.

Now, if only we could spread the concept behind the words to more people who are yearning for a way to create real, transformational change in the organizations.

Are you willing to tell a friend about Engine for Change?  Please do.

Let’s see how many new friends we can get for the Facebook page or how many new readers we can get coming here to visit.  Let’s do a little driving change of our own and choose to share Engine for Change with one more person this week.

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