Atop the Mountain


When Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980, a young boy in Wisconsin saw the news reports.

Twenty-four years later, that no-longer-little boy climbed the mountain and looked down into the amazing crater created in 1980.

This photo, of my husband atop the  mountain, was taken on September 11, 2004.  On October 11th, just one month later, lava reached the surface and began creating an amazing new lava dome.

Volcanic eruptions can remind us that life is a series of predictably unpredictable events.  Old things change, then change again.  It’s never-ending.

Yet, the important thing isn’t that the events happen.  The important thing is that we respond well to them.

And, if we keep Roosevelt’s words in our heads, that “with self-discipline most anything is possible,” we might just be able to leave an important mark upon the world.

Why not try?

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