Climbing volcanos

In 2004, my husband set out to climb Mount Saint Helens.

He had to drive to base camp, route find through a boulder field and trudge through ash fields of pumice as deep as sand on dunes all the while rising toward the peak at a staggering angle.

Maybe he wanted to give up along the way, but he didn’t.  He climbed over boulders.  He slogged on through the pumice.  He kept climbing.

He made it to the top and took this photo from the peak.

Most changes you’ll drive are best equated to a brisk stroll down a sidewalk.

Other changes are like climbing a volcano: work just to get to the start, boulders along the way and sand to slow you down, plus mental and physical exhaustion close to or beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.

Someday you’ll find your volcano of a change.  I hope you’ll want to climb it.

The journey will be long, difficult and fraught with perils, known and unknown.

Many people will encourage you to stick with the safety of the sidewalk strolls–or even tell you just to stand still.

Don’t listen to them!

Don’t fear the journey.

Drive change up that volcano and keep climbing.

Why not try?

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